• Vendor Connect/Enterprise, EDI Plus with Telstra's network
  • We provide complete packaging solutions to meet Coles Myer packing and SSCC labelling standard
  • We provide a full communication link to integrate our warehouse as your unique company warehouse
  • A person is assigned to fully take care of your business and minimise any inefficiency

We are accredited as Third Party Logistics Provider - 3PL with ColesMyer to receive and process EDI orders on our customer's behalf! In providing a tailor-made distribution service to our customers, we generate and send the labels back to their warehouse and send the order details as well as ASN by CSV format to integrate with our customer's system.

Our Reliable Storage Service

  • Your stock is always visible and ready to dispatch
  • Online tracking stock information enables you to comprehend your inventory level simply by a “click”

Our Efficient Distribution Solution

  • We help you to find the most cost-efficient distribution solution
  • Over 99% of our job completion can meet the delivery window
  • Our comprehensive range of value-added services offer the most cost-efficient and time-efficient solution when stock issues arise