Warehousing Services


AQR focuses on not only handling your inventory, but on reducing your costs. With AQR as your contract warehouse, you will have all the necessary tools to accomplish your distribution goals. We work with each individual customer to achieve their complete warehousing/distribution needs. Our objectives are:

  • To save your payroll costs to enhance your company's flexibility and efficiency
  • To provide complete fulfilment of your orders on time and minimise your warehousing and distributing cost in the process

Our Warehouse Features

  • Two separate warehouses of 3200m square each
  • Two streets frontage and/or access
  • Large container unloading area with dock levellers
  • A fully visible hanging rail system that can hang up to 400,000 garments
  • A fully visible racking system for both short and long term storage in cartons
  • Close to Western Ring Road: approximately only 30 minutes to the nearest Distribution
  • Central and easy access across Australia

Value-Added Services

  • Steam Tunnel, Automatic Pants Topper
  • Inspection for product defects
  • Size, sort and inventory for products
  • Garment repairs including alterations, button replacement, label changing and cleaning
  • Repackaging of products including re-bagging, sticker bags or boxes, changing name tags or price tickets
  • Monarch System for scanning, label addresses, barcode/APN labels
  • Pick and Pack
  • Loading and unloading containers
  • Online web access to track your stock anywhere, anytime

We fully comply with ColesMyer EANway requirements and enhance your quality of goods. 0ur value added services always give your stock as “good and ready to sell” before dispatching.